Emergency contraception

Emergency Contraception

As part of our service, we are able to provide emergency contraception. This means that customers can receive the morning after pill from us free of charge. The medicine that you can obtain is Levonelle.

Levonelle is a synthetic version of a natural hormone in the body known as progesterone. This hormone helps in regards to ovulation and preparing the uterus for a fertilised egg.

It is not fully known as to how Levonelle works but the theory is that used to try and prevent ovulation or at least delay it. Levonelle should be taken within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex. It has no repercussions on any other forms of contraception that may be used.

Levonelle does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases or STIs. Neither should it be used as a regular form of contraception as this can disrupt your natural menstrual cycle.

Please feel free to talk to our pharmacist in our private consultation room.