Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a game played on smart phones and tablets. This game follows the original video game that came out in the mid 90s that became a largely popular franchise. Developing company Niantic, has partnered with Google to create this new version of the game that allows you to capture Pokemon in your local area.Pokemon GO

The game shows your character in the local area on a map using the GPS built into your phone. The best part about this game is that you cannot play the game to it’s full extent by sitting indoors like a normal game. It has you go walking find the some of the 151 Pokemon that have been enlisted into the game and to hatch the eggs that are left around the map for you in places called “Pokestops”. At these Pokestops, players are able to gather resources that allow them to carry on playing the game and collect eggs which hatch into new Pokemon once the determined distance has been reached.

People of all ages and gender have downloaded and started playing the game which is allowing them to both socialise and exercise while having fun. Upon review from other players, people have said that they have been having fun and walking longer distances than they would have ever before due to wanting to catch the creatures in the game. Some people have taken to cycling to play the game, some have commented saying that they have walked miles while playing the game. Doctors have commented saying that the game is a good way for people to exercise without going to the extreme and are happy that people are getting out.

As an extra precaution, anyone playing this game, please follow the games advice and keep aware of your surroundings. The game has you look at the map on your phone but does not show other people, vehicles or obstacles that may be on the road or pavement in your area.

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