We sell a range of specialist pet care products to keep your pet free of those common infestations which can impact upon the health of your family…

Whether you have a cat or dog both are prone to picking up fleas & worms however well you care for them. They can be irritating to your pet but they can also have an impact upon our own health too.

Wyn Ellis & Son stock specialist products from Drontal & Frontline which will free them of parasitic infestations in no time.

As well as the products that we sell Wyn Ellis are more than happy to offer advice regarding your precious pet with tips on how to best keep them healthy and happy!


Flea Treatments For Cats & Dogs

Helping You Keep Your Pet Healthy.

Using Frontline Spot-On every month helps keep your pet protected from fleas and ticks and the diseases they transmit.

Letting you get back to enjoying the good times! Keep your pet protected with the UK’s No. 1!


Wormers For Cats & Dogs

It’s their job to be special.

It’s our job to keep them protected from fleas and worms. Drontal® to the rescue.

The risk of worm infection are well known for outdoor pets but it’s equally important that house pets are regularly de-wormed too. Drontal®