Welcome to Wyn Ellis & Son, your local Numark registered community pharmacy – working hard to deliver more to you…

A family centred pharmacy in Wallasey for over 50 years we have a reputation for delivering high quality community NHS pharmacy services as well as specialist monitored health programmes like Lipotrim.

From our range of cosmetics and pet care products to the new NHS Minor Ailment Service we aim to take care of all your family’s pharmacy needs and much, much more.

About our Pharmacy


How Can We Help?

As well as dispensing of prescriptions, we at Wyn Ellis Pharmacy offer a list of services that we can provide.

  • The GP Service
  • Prescription management through ‘Healthera’ app
  • Blood Pressure Checking
  • Weight management
  • Prescription collection and delivery
  • Stop smoking course
  • Diabetes management
  • Chiropody

Wyn Ellis & Son

About Wyn Ellis Pharmacy

Wyn Ellis & Son Pharmacy has been an established presence in Wallasey for over 50 years. As a Numark registered community pharmacist.

The GP Service

Discreet & confidential consultation service.

All GP Service Doctors are registered with the UK’s GMC and our services are regulated by the Care Quality Commission.